Here's the gen. A former bootneck, who after finding out there is no security in security, decided to start a coffee company, aptly named Green Beret Coffee Co.

Why coffee? Because who doesn't like coffee (tea drinkers you are on the wrong website!). Have I always bean into the finer details of real coffee? Nope, I was a certified instant coffee drinker but luckily I saw the light and converted to the dark side while fighting boredom (I mean pirates) out in the Indian Ocean many moons ago.

Once I started down the rabbit hole of real coffee I was hooked. Now I treat coffee like I treated my weapon in the Corps, never more than 6 feet away at all times!!

Next, how is our coffee different from 99.9% of other beans out there? Everything is roasted to order. We don't keep our coffee loafing around hoping someone buys it. Basically, you order, your coffee gets roasted and, boom, next thing you know you're sipping on the most essence wet known to man.

As you can probably tell, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. Always up for a good bit of banter and seeking out adventures fuelled by Green Beret caffeine whenever we can. 

We are proud to fuel the adventurous.



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