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Eyes On: Robustours

In a world where being true to yourself and authentic is becoming rarer by the day, John Beamson is certainly one who bucks that trend and let me tell you why.

I have known John for a couple of years now, our two business's connecting on social media and over the course of that time, friendly messages turned into the occasional phone call which has now developed into a weekly call covering all things business and general chit chat.

I asked John to be the very first person to be involved in a YouTube project called The Vet Files and this was the first time we met in person. Over the course of filming and hiking I knew I had made the right choice. John doesn't take fools lightly, neither does he take himself too seriously and will gladly spin dits at his own expense. John's willingness to hold himself accountable and not blame others for circumstances in his life is again refreshing and also why his business, Robustours, is going from strength to strength.

I consider John a great business associate but more importantly I consider him a good friend.

In our way to support our friends and veteran owned businesses we came up with twelve questions for them to answer to help spread their message via our platform. We are calling this segment 'Eyes On'. This week, John is in the spotlight.

Robustours Q&A

John Beamson spent ten years in the British Army and fought the Taliban twice. Now he runs Robustours, an adventure events company. Robustours don’t do run-of-the-mill events, on some, you will be tested to your breaking point, you will be made accountable and you’ll become a stronger version of YOU!.

If you hadn’t have joined the military, what would you have done instead?

Done rubbish in life because joining was all I wanted to do maybe factory.

What was the highlight of your military career?

Herrick 8 was the hardest place on plant earth, made me a man and I lost part of me.

When did you leave the military and have you had any other jobs since then?

Left 2011, nothing I liked but wanted to get work quick and move on.

Whats the best thing about being a civvy?

It has its moments but its not a green field, I would say free time

What made you want to start your own business?

Because I am just too tasty to work for other chiefs and Indians.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of running your business?

Seeing people smile after a huge day out and do these events that they think they cant like 50 miles in a day

What is you’re business ethos/mission statement?

Be robust and have a crack. The hardest part of anyway is the carpark and keep on being tasty at all times

Have you a favourite item in your store and if so why?

Boots because we had so many great adventures

John Beamson aka Chief Eagle

What do you do to relax from the stresses of life?

Podcasts, Netflix and my life partner Emma.

Have you any epic adventures planned for 2021?

The 5 peaks. All the highest parts of UK and Rep of Ireland

Any advice for veterans thinking about starting their own business?

Do it!! You get one shot but put the ego to one side and learn from everyone you can.

Finally, what’s the best way to drink coffee?

Hot and wet and GBCC, gen.

To watch Johns episode on YouTube, check out The Vet Files

Connect with John on Instagram @robustours

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Awesome, love the advice about putting the ego aside and learning as much as poss!

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