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The Cult Coffee Maker

My mini blog on a mega bit of kit called the AeroPress Go as used by the Green Beret Coffee Company and why you need to be carrying it.

AeroPress Go

This cult coffee mini maker is taking the outdoors by storm. I was given my AeroPress Go by Rus who owns the Green Beret Coffee Company.

I first happened to see one in action because I was on a day out with Rus. We were on the side of a mountain called Pavel Ark. We stopped for coffee, as you do, on the side of Jacks Rake because that is how we roll. It is a classic route in the lakes, Northern England. It was mega weather that day and there were views for miles.

Getting to the top

I was blown away by how quick and easy Rus made it look and I asked Rus about the AeroPress Go. What a very simple and good looking bit of kit which lived inside its own packing about the size of a can of coke. So there I was, getting to know my AeroPress Go in my man cave the unboxing and not reading the instruction bosh. I like to see if I can work things for myself first, which I could not so it was on to YOUTUBE to see how its done. I watched a few great challenges and did the classic monkey see monkey do. After 15 minutes it was time to wet the pot using what came with the box my first AeroPress brew was in my cup and ready to drink.

Cleaning and packing away was so easy. You can see that a lot of thought has gone into making this clean and easy to use. It is perfect for people on the go.

Adventurers in 2020 are using AeroPress Go and are super active on social media. They are more than happy to re share posts which is MEGA. Green Beret Coffee Company have a huge cult following from skiers, BMXers, hikers, and van lifers. They are all sharing and showing love to this little coffee making wizard.

Just because you are outdoors does not mean you should have to drink bad coffee.


Massive thanks to John from Robustours for the blog. After spending ten years in the British Army and fighting the Taliban twice, John Beamson now runs Robustours, an adventure events company. Robustours don’t do run-of-the-mill events, on some, you will be tested to your breaking point, you will be made accountable and you’ll become a stronger version of YOU!

Here is a quick video on how I use the AeroPress Go.

Get your hands on the AeroPress GO now...

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