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Go Dark with this two pack of coffees. This set contains our most loved dark roast coffees:


1 x 250g bag of MERCENARY Coffee: Dark Roast - Single origin. The Monsoon Malabar is unlike any other coffee on Earth. The coffee seeds are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for up to four months, which causes the beans to swell and lose their original acidity. This produces an intense body with a smokey, earthy flavour. A love it or hate it coffee, which camp are you in?


1 x 250g bag of LEGIONARY Coffee: Dark Roast - This blend is only available as a dark roast as we have stayed true to the authentic style of Italian coffee. Specifically designed with espressos in mind but can still be enjoyed using your favourite brewing method. A strong, smokey flavour and toppers full of caffeine!!


Your coffee will be freshly roasted for you when you order. Choose from whole bean or freshly ground coffee.


Go Dark.

Go Dark - Two Pack


    This set contains two 250g bags of top-quality coffee.

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