Only one thing is going to get you through another lockdown, yup... Coffee!!

We put together the ultimate beginners coffee kit to get you on your way.

Aeropress Go - Brew the coffee  in around 1 minute or treat yourself to a cold brew in about 2 mins.
All kit is neatly stowed in the carry container which doubles up as your mug!!
Ideal for home use, hiking, expeditions or just taking to the office with you to ensure a decent wet anytime.
Kit includes : plunger, chamber, filter cap, stirrer, filter holder, scoop, filters (x350), lid, mug

Rhinowares Coffee Grinder - To get you started on your coffee journey you’ll need a  quality grinder, step forward this bad boy!!
Big enough for home use, small enough to travel with.

Grinder characteristics :
•Food grade stainless steel, making for easy cleaning
•AeroPress adaptor included
•Holds up to 42grams if coffee bean
•Smooth grinding conical ceramic burrs, staying sharper for longer and don’t rust
•Protective Cary bag

WholeBean Coffee (250gram) - Choose from our most popular coffee or let us choose for you.
Commando, Mercenary, SF or Safety Catch Off. Just leave a comment in the notes when checking out. 

When purchased separately £75

Coffee Lovers Starter Pack