Our first coffee collaboration is with H-Hour, a podcast supporting military veterans. The podcast is hosted by former Para Sniper, Hugh Keir, who I (Rus) have known since my days working out in Iraq in private security. It was great to work together to create this coffee. A damn good coffee for a damn good podcast.


We went for a 100% Arabica bean blend, sourced from Asia and Africa, making it a zingy, fruity coffee with hints of cocoa coming through.


You get to choose your own roast with this one (dark, medium or light), but we recommend trying it as a medium roast to get the most out of the beans.


As with all our other coffees, choose from wholebean or freshly ground coffee (coarse or fine).


No comms, no bombs.


Not listened to the podcast yet? Check it out here.

The H-Hour Blend

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    100% Arabica bean blend sourced from Asia and Africa.



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