The set includes the following gourmet coffees:


1 x 250g bag of SPARTAN Coffee: Dark Roast - Single Origin. 100% arabica coffee bean. It produces sweet fruity notes due to its smaller size and has a sharp zingy taste.


1 x 250g bag of VIKING Coffee: Medium Roast - Single origin. Indonesian Sumatra has a mouthy feel, a thick body while still being smooth and cocoa like.


1 x 250g bag of LEGIONARY Blend: Dark Roast - Our Italian Roast. Robusta bean blend with a strong, smokey flavour. This blend is toppers full of caffeine, and makes a mean espresso!


Your coffee will be freshly roasted for you when you order.


Choose from whole bean, coarse or fine grind.

Historical Heroes Collection

  • This set contains three 250g bags of top-quality coffee.