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  • What makes our coffee different to others?
    Simple – we roast our coffee upon receiving your order, which means you get the freshest coffee possible. So even if you only order one bag, it will be roasted and packaged just for you. There will be label on every bag with the roast date.
  • Can I change my order once its been placed?
    We roast our coffee to order, so it can be tricky to change an order once we've started roasting. But if you do need to change anything let us know as soon as you can and we will do our best to help you out.
  • What are my payment options?
    We have two methods available, Paypal (ideal if you have a Paypal account ) and SSL Secure Shopping which you can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express, both credit and debit cards are accepted. Both ways are secure for both you and us, and at no time are we ever able to see your card details.
  • Do your coffee bags have a valve?
    Yes, they do, on the back. It’s a one-way valve that lets CO2 out of the bag while stopping oxygen getting into the bag. This valve helps keep your coffee fresher for longer.
  • How long will my coffee stay fresh for?
    Since all our coffee is freshly roasted when you place your order, it has an expiration date of 1 year from the roast day (shown on the bottom of bag). To help maintain the freshness of the coffee keep it in an airtight container or keep the coffee bag closed and well secured.
  • Should I go for whole bean, coarse ground or fine ground coffee?"
    It's completely up to but here's what we recommend: Ground We do the work for you, so there's no need for you to have your own grinder. It's also the easiest and fastest way to get your coffee on the go. The downside is that the coffee may lose its freshness a little sooner than the wholebeans. This means the flavour might not be as strong and you will miss out on those more subtle flavours. Coarse Ground is perfect for: French press and percolators Fine Ground is perfect for: Espresso, moka pots and drip coffee makers Wholebean Now we are talking… Yes, you will need a grinding machine and a tiny bit more effort is required, but you will be rewarded! The coffee beans will stay fresher for longer and even more importantly the flavour will be stronger. Plus, you will pick up on the subtle tastes of the coffee bean. Perfect for… Everything!
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