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To those who like strong coffee, we salute you. Designed with the caffeine junkie in mind, this set contains three of our strongest coffees:


1 x 250g bag of SF Blend: Medium Roast - This 100% Robusta bean blend ensures that this is as close to rocket fuel as possible! The Robusta beans, which pack double the amount of caffeine as Arabica, give an earthy but not overpowering flavour; an ideal choice for a pre-workout or for those needing a more intense caffeine hit. SF is also one of our best sellers and personal favourites.


1 x 250g bag of MERCENARY Coffee: Dark Roast - Single origin. The Monsoon Malabar is unlike any other coffee on Earth. The coffee seeds are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for up to four months, which causes the beans to swell and lose their original acidity. This produces an intense body with a smokey, earthy flavour. A love it or hate it coffee, which camp are you in?


1 x 250g bag of SAFETY CATCH OFF Coffee: Medium Roast - A single origin coffee that is toppers full of caffeine but still oozes flavour by the bucket load, with chocolate and caramel notes. Sourced from India.


Your coffee will be freshly roasted for you when you order. Choose from whole bean or freshly ground coffee.


Stay Caffeinated!!

Stay Caffeinated Set


    This set contains three 250g bags of top-quality coffee.

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