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A signed paperback copy of Gareth Timmins' best selling debut book, BECOMING THE 0.1%®


This is the first-ever diary account of Royal Marine recruit training, based on the diary entries of Gareth Timmins written when he was a 20-year-old nod.


The  book is more than just the stories he wrote back then though; they are also accompanied by lessons on his short-comings and growth to peak performance. It uses real-life and often terrifying experiences to describe to the reader the edge you need to cultivate a 0.1% mindset and succeed in life and work,on  how he was able to cultivate the mental strength and resilience needed to push through to success.


Read the interview we did with Gareth for our Intel blog.

BECOMING THE 0.1%® (Signed Paperback) by Gareth Timmins

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