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Eyes On: Becoming The 0.1% - Gareth Timmins

Before I'd even met Gareth Timmins his reputation proceeded him and it was justified. After hearing Gareth on a few podcasts and learning that he kept a diary of his time down in Lympstone (which every bootneck wishes he had done) he sounded like a guy that I'd like to meet. I reached out to him to see if he would be interested in taking part in a project I was working on called The Vet Files. He said yes and after working out some dates we were all set.

Needless to say the whole thing went great, with coffees in hand, we chatted about all things Corps related, being a professional athlete and psychology, and to this day Gareth's episode on The Vet Files is one of the most watched. This is a true testament to the man.

I'm honoured to say that we have remained friends and met up a few times since with our good friends Ben (Offensive Veteran) and John (Robustours). This to me is community and will forever be grateful for being part of it.

In our way to support our friends and veteran owned businesses we came up with twelve questions for them to answer to help spread their message via our platform. We are calling this segment 'Eyes On'.

Becoming The 0.1% Q&A

Gareth Timmins, is a former Royal Marines Commando and soon to published author of Becoming the 0.1%. The book is an insightful, easy to read and aimed at anyone seeking to learn what it takes to become a Royal Marines Commando. Gaz offers a glimpse into the mind, trials, and tribulations of his young self, unsure and soul searching, accompanied with his now academic grounding in Psychology to offer every reader a truly rare and comprehensive learning experience.

If you hadn’t have joined the military, what would you have done instead?

Great question, I always wanted to be someone; I wanted a great title and to feel a real sense of accomplishment. However, at the sensitive time in my life just prior to joining the Royal Marines, I was coming off the back of what I considered to be a failed endeavour at Rugby League. Therefore, the way things were heading, more than likely, a stay in prison. That said, I would have loved to have given boxing/Mixed Martial Arts more full attention and completely dedicated myself to that plight. Staying completely within the confines of self-effacing, I have always been quite naturally gifted athletically.

What was the highlight of your military career?

Getting drafted to S Squadron to join FSRT (Fleet Standby Rifle Troop) and subsequently passing the short selection course to become a Non-compliant Boarding Operator. After that, going out to Iraq/Iran when the RM/RN naval personal got captured in 2007. Although the deploy did not live up to our expectations: Preparing and travelling out there with the hope of getting into contact, was incredibly exciting!

When did you leave the military and have you had any other jobs since then?

I left the military in 2010, and since then worked (privately) as a Maritime Security Team Leader in, and around, the Somali Basin; a Senior Risk Management Consultant for the DoD/TOR International in Afghanistan; Close Protection Operator/In-country Intelligence Analyst in Egypt; UHNW Close Protection Operator in London and more recently a business owner (Becoming the 0.1% / Nought Point One Projects & Fortitude Elite) and published Author with Hodder & Stoughton.

Whats the best thing about being a civvy?

Earning better money, having my autonomy, and not getting treated (on odd occasions) with a buffoon. Oh, also not being generally cold, wet and miserable … A lot really [laughs].

What made you want to start your own business?

I have always been incredibly fascinated by business and fundamentally driven by accomplishments and money. I suppose, has I have matured with age, it’s become increasing apparent that I cannot work for anyone … I have reach a point in my life where I feel it’s time to crave my own path and put all my effort, drive and determination into my own projects – the things that make me happy. If I pull it off, amazing! If not, at least I give it a shot!

What is your favourite and least favourite part of running your business?

Favourite: Being creative and seeing people buy my products, and then receiving the positive feedback, the validation! Also, and more importantly, watching my writing and interpretation of a moment in time being incredibly well received by my peers i.e. current and former Royal Marines. This brings me the most comfort and enjoyment.

Least Fav: Not being able to switch off mentally and constantly feeling like I can’t take my foot off the development accelerator.

What is you’re business ethos/mission statement?

Becoming the 0.1% - 34 Lessons in Royal Marines Psychology; the most comprehensive deconstruction of elite training ever document followed by 34 lessons/recipes that can be collectively utilised and applied to achieve a 0.1% elite mindset, allowing the reader to achieve anything in life. @becomingthe0.1percent #becomingthe01percent

Nought Point One Projects - Quintessential Instruments & Distinctive Outerwear / Supporting elite human endeavours striving to make a positive difference. @noughtpointoneprojects #noughtpointone

Fortitude Elite – Pre-military Performance Programme; a 6-week online, fully interactive coaching course run by two former Royal Marines Commando that encompasses academic psychology methodologies and scientific Strength and Conditioning techniques and tailor programming to afford each course member the very best chance of success in elite military training. @fortitude_elite #fortitudeelite

Have you a favourite item in your store and if so why?

The Limited Edition Official 0.1% Quote T-shirts and the Iconic “Its Only Pain” Stickers

I love what the T-shirts represent, the quality of them and how they have a positive effect on the mind – subconsciously holding the wearer to account. In relation to the stickers … well, they just embody the essence of Royal Marines Training, and have been my most popular product to date!

That said, the first ‘official’ Nought Point One product is under production; British made, beautifully crafted in Sheffield, Yorkshire … it’s going to be a very special product!

Iconic “Its Only Pain” Stickers available at Green Beret Coffee Co

What do you do to relax from the stresses of life?

I love spending time with my son first and foremost and going off to the Peak District. This part of the country is certainly my escape, and, in his company, I fully feel a sense of relaxation, happiness and purpose (being a dad).

In general, I never relax; you could say I find this extremely hard to achieve! I have an enduring tendency to fill downtime with tasks, responsibility, and opportunities to develop my business projects and thirst for personal development. This is often to the detriment of my mental well-being!

Have you any epic adventures planned for 2021?

I’m looking forward to a book publishing adventure, and hopefully a long-awaited holiday with my son.

Any advice for veterans thinking about starting their own business?

Military training and life fully prepares military personnel with the very best mental skills and capacity to become effective and resilient entrepreneurs! Apply the skills, experience, and mental ability to improvise, adapt and overcome when starting out – also stay malleable and be prepared to venture down avenues previously unforeseen/unexpected. Get this right, and you will witness success in whatever you do!

Finally, what’s the best way to drink coffee?


Destroy Boundaries T-Shirt

To watch Gareths episode on YouTube, check out The Vet Files,

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