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Eyes On: Adz Lison AKA The Grumpy Surfer Podcast

It's no secret that social media has it's down sides (trolls, Karens, time vortex - anymore for anymore?), but I do believe that amongst the bullshit there are also good honest human beings using it to spread a message of positivity and inspiration.

Step forward Adz Lison, serving Royal Marine Commando and host of the highly popular podcast "The Grumpy Surfer Podcast". Now truth be told, Adz and I haven't actually met in real life but do share an unparalleled passion for surfing, MMA and grappling. It's no secret that Adz is considerably better at all three than me, but it's not for those reasons that I have huge respect for Adz. The respect comes from not only him being a damn good marine Marine but for being a bloody decent human and one who is helping others spread their messages and stories that can and hopefully will inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and pursue their dreams.

In our way to support our friends and veteran owned businesses we came up with twelve questions for them to answer to help spread their message via our platform. We are calling this segment 'Eyes On'. This week, Adz is in the spotlight.

The Grumpy Surfer - Adz Lison Q&A

Adz Lison is a serving Royal Marine PTI who has a passion for surfing, grappling (BJJ Purple Belt) and is the host of hoofing podcast "The Grumpy Surfer Podcast"

If you hadn’t have joined the military, what would you have done instead?

I had a scholarship with Worcester Warriors RFU to play Semi Professional Rugby back in 1997

What was the highlight of your military career?

My whole career has been a highlight, I went to Afghanistan 3 times, was involved with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, took 3 Royal Marines Recruit Troops through training, all that passed out deployed on operations. I became a RM Physical Training Instructor to create some downtime and normality for my family. I have surfed, done Jiujitsu and travelled the world on surf trips the second half of my career, so. All of it is the answer haha.

When did you leave the military and have you had any other jobs since then?

I leave in May 2022

Whats the best thing about being a civvy?

Owning my own business (it will be)

What made you want to start your own business?

The last 10 years I have worked for myself, with no one looking over my shoulder. I would find it hard conforming to the rat race so am going alone.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of running your business?

Admin and Advertising, hate it. It sucks so much of my free time when I could be out being even more awesome than I am ! (Not really, I struggle with minimal tasks that take time)

What is you’re business ethos/mission statement?

To spread the word of The Bowen Technique, and to show people that a medical route isn’t always the best way to go for health, mental well-being and homeostasis.

Have you a favourite item in your store and if so why?

Surfboard and Jiujitsu Gi.

Adz Lison aka The Grumpy Surfer

What do you do to relax from the stresses of life?

Surround myself with good people who share similar interests and have good conversation. Surfing and jujitsu has always been a mental escapism so that’s my de-stressor. ( Yes I know I have said that a lot haha)

Have you any epic adventures planned for 2021?

A Trip to the Indonesia late 2022, potential Hawaii trip Jan 2022. All surf related.

Any advice for veterans thinking about starting their own business?

Don't be scared to crack that classic old saying, of "thinking outside of the box". Happiness never comes from doing a job you don’t enjoy, follow your passions and be scared of trying. What's the worse that can happen.

Finally, what’s the best way to drink coffee?

A - Long, black and strong !

To listen to the podcast -

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